Sunday, October 28, 2007

Guns guns everywhere

Two recent stories on guns everywhere have got me thinking about CCW (concealed carry weapons). One is the Oregon teacher who wants to pack heat at school, and the other is the group of OSU students wearing empty holsters protesting the lack of concealed guns on campus.

Everybody wants one, it's like they're entrenched in our culture.

So on one hand you have the anti-CCW crowd, who are convinced that someone who's licensed with a fairly rigorous list of requirements might snap and go on a shooting spree, and the CCW, who are convinced that illegal gun carriers will do the same.

Considering that the odds of being shot in a random mass murder are about 20 bazillion to 1, I say the worse of these two groups are those who advocate carrying guns everywhere.  Yes,  pro-CCW crowd, I'm looking at you.  Y'all seem to think that deadly violence is a reasonable expectation in every waking moment justifying the need for a suitable ability to respond, with a pretty dismal opinion of fellow humans.  You reap what you sow - you expect violence and armed conflict around every corner, you are more likely to find it.  The anti-CCW crowd merely expects random violence from a small minority of their fellow humans, the licensed carriers of concealed weapons, placing them marginally ahead in the moral accounting.

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