Monday, May 19, 2008

Boston vs. Philadelphia 2008 Round 7: Cameriere, there' s un italiano in mia minestra!

What city do you think of when you think of Italians...let's see, there's this great section of Boston called the North End which is the historical home of Italian immigrants. It's well worth a visit, despite yuppification and gentrification that's robbing it of the Italian aura. East Boston was also heavily settled by incoming Italians. More recently, people of Italian descent have dominated Boston politics, some recent big names: Paul Cellucci,Mike Capuano ,John Cogliano ,Foster Furcolo ,Joe Malone , Thomas Menino,Joe Moakley ,John A. Volpe , Sal DiMasi.

Stephen Puelo has written a new book on the history of Italians in Boston that is garnering excellent reviews. He has a blog post over at Beacon Broadside discussing the reactions to the book. It's worth a visit and a read.

Now, I'm sure that Cheesesteak will chime with some blather about Italians settling in Phillie and even a movie or two being made featuring Italian-American characters. We'll call this one a tie.


Jimbo Slice said...

I don't know if you've ever heard of this but... here goes. I'm going to put you down with something called the Mafia, err "waste management". And unless Boston suddenly stopped being a bunch of pussies, Philly wins... always. People are just tougher, realer, and meaner.


Cod Peace said...

Still smarting after Super Bowl XXXIX, eh? Or maybe it was the casting of Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg to play the role of Vince Papale in Invincible...