Sunday, June 15, 2008

So Long OS X, hellloooo Hardy Heron!

I've been running a Hackintosh for a few weeks now on my half-decent system (Intel Q6600 quad-core Core 2, OC'd to 3 GHz, 4 gig RAM, blah blah).  I have just annihilated my OSX install in favor of the Hardy Heron.

Why?  Well, it's because I wanted long term reliability, and I can't get that running OS X on non-Apple hardware.  There are numerous people hacking away at OS X, but for me (and the routine use of my PC) it was best to get away from the hacks and back onto an appropriate operating system.  I use Ubuntu daily at work, now I will do the same at home.

As for my next PC...well, my wife's Windows XP computer won't last forever.  I have every intention of replacing it with a nice quiet, compact iMac or next-gen Mac Mini and raising the young'uns on Apples.  OS X is indeed wicked awesome - infinitely better than the train wreck that is Vista.  I still remember the day my father brought home the 1st gen Macintosh from work and the impression it made on me.  Running a Hackintosh has made me into a future paying Apple customer...

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