Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sandbag woes

After several days, I have yet to get in a workout with the ole Ultimate Sandbag. The play sand I bought leaked dust from the polypropylene filler bags. I also created too many filler bags and couldn't get more than 60 lbs into the sandbag, which will hold up to 80. I already have a 53 lb kettlebell so I'm looking to max out the sandbag.

Ironmind recommends all-purpose sand to avoid the stone dust with their filler bags. I should have listened... Now I have managed to stuff 90 lbs of sand in 2 filler bags in, but it's one at each end and the sandbag acts like it's hinged in the middle.

I am considering just punting and taking a tip from K2 Fitness, and just filling the Ultimate Sandbag with pea or fine gravel. No filler bags needed (the US has a massive zipper and a cover flap with huge snaps, so it won't leak gravel) and with smaller gravel I should still get close to 80 lbs.


Cod Peace said...

Ok, I have the solution. I will buy 80 lbs. of plain (non-epoxy-coated, non-fluorescent) aquarium gravel, which is small enough to fill the bag with plenty of pounds and big enough not to leak.

This is not as cheap as 3/8" pea gravel ($4.40/50 lbs) but it's a matter of valuing my time and starting to get some workouts in.

Cod Peace said...

It's done. 80 lbs. of aquarium gravel from Petco. Awesome.

Now for the pain!

Anonymous said...

Get glow in the dark gravel. Then you can work out in the dark. And convince the neighbors you're kicking some alien behind.

Cod Peace said...

The only behind being kicked will be mine once I take the bag for a spin.

That should be tomorrow, and since there's an ice storm that means the company loading dock will be my private house of pain.