Thursday, December 20, 2007

This Blog Blows (Me Away)

I have not indulged in Rumpleminze, nor do I intend to.* Yeah, we're busy in greater Bostodelphia. The fact that Ron Paul Air Command chickened out of parading their flagship anywhere near our radar, let alone over our sights, seriously stymied our plans.

C'mon this is the official do nothing time of year. I mean should we stoop to the level of the major market media as well as media 2.0 and put out a "Top Arbitrary Number of Something We Claim to Know a Thing or Two About, 2007".

Actually, it's 4:21 as I type this, and I just got high time for an idea (no idea what that means). In tribute to the MIA, AWOL even before he was supposed to report for duty, Necco Commando: a 21 Gun Salute to the Firearms of 2007. 21 posts between now and New Year's, each one in tribute to a firearm that somehow speaks to 2007. Let the volley begin!

*I am however open to endorsing anyone, of whatever standing, who'll ship me a bottle of Middleton's. Perhaps one of you gun manufacturers looking for some good press in the forthcoming salute.

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