Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Listening

Check out Benjamin Walker's Resurrection Rashomon. Not just the smartest and funniest extrapolations of the Easter story in audio format, I'd argue it stands as an exemplary form of speculative fiction regardless of medium. From Walker's description, posted March 25, 2007:

This week on the radio program: Resurrection Rashomon. This is something I made a few years ago, for YRNL. It's uh.. well... as the Chinese authorities would say "sensitive material" - so beware ye of sensitive mettles. It is the story of the Resurrection told Rashomon style. Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathaea, Mother Mary, the disciples Thomas and Peter and a Roman Centurion, all tell conflicting stories about what exactly is the meaning of the empty tomb. Where does all this Sacrilegious blasphemy come from? well, your host had quite the religious upbringing, and this show is what the therapists call "working it out."
The Cheesesteak came across this in '06, and it's become a part of your cruciform impaling sandwich's Easter ritual ever since.

If Resurrection Rashomon isn't significantly blasphemous to you, let us remind you of Bostodelphia's parting shot when we called to task over its obsequious deference to judeo-christian theism. Scroll down to the end for the music.

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