Thursday, August 14, 2008

A homemade recumbent bike

I spied a homemade recumbent bike being ridden in Newton,MA (just west of Boston) this afternoon. Here's the bike from my cellphone... It's a long wheelbase design with underseat steering, and in my brief glimpse it looked like it was put together with some sort of unpainted rectangular tubing or bars. It was definitely not a round frame, in any case.


Jake said...

Acyually that could be an Infinity, the were made with TIG welded 1" aluminum square tube. They broke. A lot.

Anonymous said...

Jake, how many Infinity owners have you interviewed? My Infinity is 15 years old - never broke. None of the Infinity owners I know have had problems.

Cod Peace said...

Interesting! I'd never heard of that bike, which is not terribly surprising to me as the world of recumbents is not one I've explored to any great extent.

If I hadn't had my hands full with two little boys I would have asked the rider about the bike.

gtj said...

My Infinity bike is up for sale $500 plus shipping from Dallas