Monday, November 26, 2007

Cheesesteak the Impaler's Turkey Hangover Week Preamble

So last weekend's Fanboy entries were lost to the leftover haze of T-giving weekend. In addition to turkey and trimmings, your one wit' whiz also amped up his movie consumption more than usual, leading with lots of thoughts to reheat this week. So this week, the Cheesesteak will be cleaning out the fridge and offering you the following:

1.) Absolutely my last harangue against Marvel Comics' botched roll out its Digital Comics Unlimited service. Really, demanding fanboys, y'all disappointing me.

2.) Review of BSG: Razor. Cod will probably chime something about this one too.

3.) Review of No Country for Old Men.

4.) Review of Southland Tales.

Unless something serious literally explodes within the Philadelphia city limits, that's likely all you're going to hear from this sandwich this week.

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