Friday, November 30, 2007

Emerging from this Week's Digestive Haze to Vomit Up What the News is Shoveling Down

Phawker has an excellent break down of the shoddy "Yes, Sir" reporting that passes for contemporary journalism. Specifically, the Philly Inquirer's coverage of a big suburban pot bust.

Being treated in an ER for a marijuana overdose? Um, yeah. Maybe the Mainline suburban police state wants to further pacify its population by characterizing them as crybabies. You know, the sort who when confronted by the "bad funny" feeling toking occasionally brings, and their parents can't helicopter said feeling away, the tears break out and the ambulance is called. Clueless cops or weak-stomached suburbanites trying to mythologize weed as "hard life" cred aside, a professional reporter taking every assertion by a police spokesperson at face value is just sad.
I mean why bother having journalists? Everyone can just find unvarnished truth through everyone else's web press release and public relations machinery anyway, right?

Cheesesteak's been slow on getting back into a blog rhythm post Thanksgiving, he knows that. He will get it together, just wait.

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Cod Peace said...

You and me both bub. I have way too many things going on these days, and having both little kids sick (again) with colds is not helping my evening computer time...