Monday, November 19, 2007

Marvel Turns Incompetence into Marketing Gimmick

Mystery not really explained. I guess by making this a multi-part story, Marvel's trying to remind us they're here to entertain us. Really, there's nothing wrong with making light of things in the end. That can be good p/r. However, it's only good and effective p/r if the actual truth behind the matter's provided as well as the joke. People have shelled out dough, goods were not delivered. Is this clever aside and the new "oops" page Marvel's way of telling its fans that these things happen and will likely continue to happen, so let's "blame Hulk"? A server error caused the "doctorstrange" iterations in Firefox? That requires more explanation than the current charade. This kind of refusal to admit serious responsibility in it failure to meet its obligation to its fans is exactly the sort of aloofness that leads fence sitters like me to secret root for the Free Culture torrenters.

Check the vid. The only thing worth looking at in this video is Joe Quesada's pants, clearly CGI since his pants have been down all week.

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redvader said...

That video was so hilarious I almost forgot that my credit card got charged multiple times. A gold star to Cheesesteak for basically being the only person to actually cover this event. I guess the rest of the Internet had the week off.