Friday, January 4, 2008

Bostodelphia 21 Gun Salute to the Firearms of 2007 #12: North American Arms .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver

This gun was already mentioned in our citation of the Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22. To jog review:

Last June, Philadelphia media reported about an incident around the Wonderland Pier of Ocean City, N.J. where an off duty Philadelphia police officer lost his (presumably personal, non service) North American Arms .22 magnum revolver. Unlike the gun pictured in this post, the gun in this incident can actually fit in the palm of an adult's hand, and apparently can be easily mistaken for a toy. In fact, the 16 year old girl who found it initially thought it was cap pistol until she fired it into a sand dune. Still, she held onto it, even taking it on one of the pier's rides. Fortunately, this incident doesn't go much beyond embarrassment for an unnamed police officer as the girl and the girl's mother turned the weapon in after reports of the officer's missing piece were televised.

While I hit Coddy pretty hard on the shock and awe front with the AC-130, I wanted to point out this little piece has been on the table all along, outside of his notice. That's the point of one these "pocket jobs", to coin a loaded phrase.

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