Friday, January 11, 2008

Conspiracy Relevent News: Wackenhut CEO Resigns in Wake of PA Nuke Nap

Back in September, Chicago based Exelon, the operator of the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant about 80-90 miles West of Philly, terminated its contract with security firm Wackenhut's nuclear services, after evidence came to light of Wackenhut workers literally sleeping on the job at the Peach Bottom plant. Today, the AP reports, Wackenhut's CEO, Gary A. Sanders, has stepped down to be replaced by Grahame Gibson, chief operating officer and board member of Wackenhut owner G4S PLC.

The AP article makes mention of Wackenhut providing services to the U.S. DoD in Iraq. In Boston, I think I remember seeing Wackenhut cards providing patrol car drive-by security to Store 24s, maybe some of the hospitals in Longwood. People who pay attention to the uniform patches on the security around Philly's Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell know Wackenhut also supplements the U.S. Park Rangers stationed there. (I've also seen uniformed security types wearing shoulder patches for both U.S. Customs and Wackenhut in that area of Old City too; but have no idea how to read those. I think the Custom House is both a historic park building and a working government building providing at least Passport services).

UFOlogists also allege Wackenhut has provided security for either Area 51 itself or the testing range surrounding it. They've been the targets of conspiracy rants going back quite a while.

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