Monday, January 28, 2008

Building that Steampunk Pressure

We're still building up to our aforementioned "Steampunk Mania." We had planned on rolling it out this week; but really, when has Bostodelphia delivered anything to you on time?

Seriously, it turns out the old fashioned series of pneumatic message tubes we're using for our interview with Steampunkmeister Jake von Slatt has required some serious pipe laying between Philly and metro Boston. Besides that, this is our first interview with a real live adopted persona, so the seat of our pants nature of Bostodelphia has left us with a bit of a learning curve to hump over regarding conducting interviews from our respective remote locations. Hang on, it'll be a blast, in a anachronistically mechanical quaint-chic way.

For the time being, here's a link to my favorite manga-tinged Steampunk genre webcomic, Girl Genius.

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