Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sci Fi Gives A Quantum more of Quantum of Solace Coverage

So a few days back I bemoaned's reveal of the title for the new Bond film under production, Quantum of Solace. While the Fleming-erudite knew that the title is indeed taken from the print fiction Bond catalog, to the casual fan it sounded a bit off. Sure SciFi warrants some kudos for breaking the story to the fan community, but I can't help a lot of us would have appreciated a bit more elucidation on the title's origins (something you'd expect SciFi to be able to cover better than the initial AP source).

In a correspondence the next morning with, a good editor there pointed out to me that, while they haven't offered much explanation of the title's significance in Fleming's Bond output, they had shortly after my post posted video highlights of the title reveal's press conference. While not exactly the content I sought, I think it's a pretty classy act to point out follow up content that may have escaped my notice. Thanks,

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