Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Boston vs. Philadelphia 2008 Round 1: Philly's Mayor Could Battle Beantown's Mayor to the Ground

So last year, Coddy hit Philly with a bunch of bare boned Almanac facts to prove home city superiority. This year there's a new game, and the crown ain't going to be won in some little skirmish like the one he pretended to win last year. Uh-uh. 2008 is going to be a year-long struggle, and we're going to knock it back and forth, round by round, till the calender's done gone. This is round one.

It's almost too cruel to bring this up, because the guy Coddy's gotta back in this fight, Mumbles and Stumbles Menino, just can't lay down hope for a city's future like this:

Yes, things are a little clunky in the first mintue, but give the guy a break. It's his first night in office. Plus, word has it all them technical difficulties were ?uestlove's slipping up on the DJ magic and getting in the way of Nutter who was rearing to go from his first step on stage.

Good luck, Mr. Mayor. I know you got a lot more in ya. Coddy and Boston ... SERVED!

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