Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bostodelphia Steampunk-A-Go-Go: Steampunks are Upon Us!


Having regenerated Cod from his incinerated scales and patented Bostoldelphia cloning technnology, and reconsituted myself from Jake von Slatt's digestive process through ... other means, we've been impressed with the number of readers who've tuned into our interview with Jake, and flattered by the positive impression our works made among the Steampunk community.

Now what do we do?

We know Coddy's going to offer up in the near future his own Steampunk machinations for the study of any Steampunks who've decided to hang around here, he's our resident technological tinkerer. While I confess I came into our interview with Herr von Slatt relatively cold, with only a passing understanding of Steampunk, and still don't have a full handle on all the viewpoints attached to word, I've come to find the "ethic" of Steampunk fascinating so far, and would like to keep writing on it, exploring it.

We'd like some feedback though.

We know our interview with Jake was just the tip of the iceberg, or more appropriately the threshold of the furnace. Jake also admits to be speaking of only his personal philosophy, so there's plenty of room for other perspectives, and some Steamers may have responded to our questions very differently.

Do let us know what you think. Bostodelphia is a mash up of Boston and Philly, two cities with claims to Ben Franklin, arguably the grand-granddaddy of Steampunk. So Steampunk could easily be one of our regular "beats" here. We got comment threads or you could drop us an e-mail. While obviously, those avenues are not as fluid and flexible as some of the Steampunk communities' own forums, and direct input to us, or tracks to your discussions of our work, will help us make decisions on this possible new editorial direction for Bostodelphia.

Stay tuned, and we're listening.

Note, if you haven't done so, definitely check out issue 4 of Steampunk Magazine. The open letter to Jake von Slatt and Datamancer dovetails nicely with some of the points Jake addresses in our interview.

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