Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bostodelphia's Unaccountable Lost Week

Did you miss us?

It's been about a week since we last checked in from Bostodelphia HQ. Here's what we've been missing:

  • I, your friendly deadly sandwich, had an editing freak out which threw a wrench into our plans to deliver you Steampunk Mania last week. Fear not, it appears we've salvaged the work and are just tinkering up a revitalized Steampunk-a-go-go to be unveiled any moment now.
  • Coddy's been sick. It was expensive, he told you about that.
  • Ron Paul has significantly scaled back his campaign to protect his Congressional ass seat.
  • PA's governor may or may not have played the race card against the Obama campaign.
  • MA's governor lent some words to Obama's rhetorical arsenal, apparently in good faith as like minded people are sometime wont to do. Someone else wants you to think otherwise.
We'll cease belaboring our apology and stick with those five. Now for those of you still tuned into us, this is what we got coming:
  • The aforementioned Steampunk-a-go-go. Jake von Slatt. A Steampunk Monstrosity from the twisted mind of Dr. Cod Peace. And from me: a free associative think piece on all this hot air waltzing the waters to the Stooges. (Hopefully this week.)
  • Some thoughts from yours truly regarding Gov. Rendell's aforementioned hand, if he was even playing. (Mos' Def this week.)
  • Having seen it on opening night, I've been wanting to write on Cloverfield since it first came out. With Diary of the Dead in theaters this week, I'll probably be able to do so. (In a couple of days).
That's just what I can think of right now. We're back, and our more unstructured musing are too. First up though, who needs a drink? Have one.

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