Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Steampunk Pressure Intensifies!

We know. You got a brief hit off the steam pipe after hearing the NPR piece.

Steampunk. You've breathed it, and the steam's gone through your ears.

And you want more.

And now you're here.

We got it for you. But we're going to let the pressure build just a wee bit yet. See, our gauge has got our greater depth interview with Herr von Slatt in the pipes but only in the green. We're not going to unleash it on your, our dear and perhaps our new readers, until we're past the red line and the gauge dial has shattered from the rattling monster it's been keeping tabs on. Then, and only then will come our steampunk torrent.

Stay tuned. Maybe we'll give you a little taste Friday. It'll be worth. There will be steam, there may be some blood, and absolutely there will be Daleks.

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