Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

So it seems a whole lotta stuff is just shutting down around Philadelphia. Apparently, contrary to Mr. Wahlberg's assertions in The Happening trailer, the administration does not in fact make the teachers teach when there’s a foot of snow no the ground. Rather the whole state acknowledges no one knows how to drive in bad weather anymore and makes harbingering the apocalypse an extra curricular activity.

We're getting a perfect hooky storm here in PA folks, a bit of snow last night and this morning, nothing now, but an oncoming rush of rain turning to ice and then more snow to complicate thing during what would be evening rush hour. Total anticipated accumulation about 4-8 inches from what I've been reading on In other words, things are pretty much ok here, but the ride home could be deadly so employers that value their employees' lives and school districts wanting to avoid lawsuits from their charges' parents are calling today a wash.

Things in Boston are getting nasty. Perhaps the Cod is in for another epic ride home.

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Cod Peace said...

Epic ride home, I hope not! It's snowing pretty heavily here, but my Swedish car (a Saab) and Finnish (Nokian) snow tires will get me home.