Saturday, February 2, 2008

Everybody's 'Effin Matt Damon

This was on Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the week. Bostodelphia got clued into it via a post by Wesley Morris on's Movie Nation:

While Sarah Silverman's confessional vid is the first time Matt Damon has been directly named in the media as a party to infidelity, Wes may remember that this is not the first time the actor's been implicated in such a role. While it never made mention in Wes's own review of Eurotrip, to my mind one of the most memorable scenes in that flick is another musical confession on the part or Mr. Damon:

Coddy may want me to mention that both Mr. Damon and Ms. Silverman are Boston area hometown heroes. That may be, but since neither of them mention their roots in the vid, I don't think this qualifies as one of our "rounds" in the ongoing Boston vs. Philadelphia 2008 bout. I say that despite Boston's need to pull ahead on the bragging rights front. Really, the only thing Coddy's been able to dish out is a Mayor who can get elected?

Still, in the spirit of the pending Super Bowl floor wiping the Pats are about to perform with the Giants, perhaps we can rule that the "rounds" of the 2008 contest will be scored as "touchdowns" points wise, and local kids done good will warrant something akin to a field goal or maybe a safety.

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Cod Peace said...

Scoring as touchdowns huh. So not funny at this point in time.