Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cheesesteak the Impaler Shifts to Barack Obama for Dem Primaries

To our knowledge, the flu-stricken Cod Peace is going to defiantly hold onto our endorsement of John Edwards all the way to his MA primary polling station today.

That said, I am taking my share of Bostodelphia's awesome endorsement power and swinging it to Obama. With Edwards bowed out, I believe Obama is the Democratic Party's last, best hope for change in American politics, a rallying figure for those who've felt disenfranchised by the Democratic Party and electoral politics in general over the course of the preceding political generation. And, yes, I'll insert the ubiquitous Black Eyed Peas fronted deluge of celebrity endorsements vid here:

While Senator Clinton has served the state of New York capably during her terms in office, to this sandwich the experience she touts strikes more of a political legacy which this country needs to shed. I am not speaking of her name per se. Rather, I find nothing in her record to really distinguish her from the rank and file of the Democratic Leadership Council who sapped the Democrats' progressive soul in exchange for industry-backed or bought electoral security. These are the people who gave us John Kerry instead of Howard Dean. This is the political calculation that stood by and did nothing while a President marched this country to war on false premises.

Obama is a move away from the DLC's philosophy of maintaining power regardless of how principles must be compromised to keep one's office. It's difficult to see exactly how much change an Obama presidency may bring contemporary politics; but this sandwich has faith that whatever can be ushered in will be an improvement over the current situation.


Wendy Hawksley said...

I understand your co-writer's desire to move forward with his original endorsement when he enters the voting booth. I certainly had that moment myself, when I saw that Kucinich and Edwards were both still on the ballot here in Delaware.

But I pushed aside my conscience (so long Kucinich; we hardly knew ya) and accepted that, of the two candidates, Obama had to be my choice over my predisposition to the female sex.

For years, I had hoped to see Hilary run... Preferably wild through NYC with hot male interns, to give Bill back some of his own. But, alas, I could not vote for her, no matter how often I said I would. She has the name, but I feel Obama has what it takes.

To do what, I don't know yet...

Cod Peace said...

I pulled the lever, or, well, filled in the bubble in the nice, recount-friendly optical scan sheet we use in my city for voting, for Obama. I agree with Cheesesteak's rational as described here. Hey, Edwards is out and due to proportional allocation of delegates a vote for Obama actually means something even though the prediction was for Clinton to win the state. Which she did.