Monday, February 25, 2008

Clinton Swings a Bit Too Wild?

Wow. I have seen such "pretty to think so" cynicism about "the way of it" since Rumsfeld stepped down and Cheney retreated (further) from the light of the public eye. Anyone thinking she's prematurely auditioning for a Zell Miller moment at the Republican Convention?

People backing Obama see themselves in fight. If nomiated, and elected, those people expect Obama to fight for the new politics he's envisioned. Clinton, among a crowd of supporters, may have thought she was just tossing a barb at Obama. But as phrased, she's not just attacking Obama, she's attacking the very idea of optimism and hope. There are ways of demanding more specifics on how Obama wants to enact "change" in America. This isn't one of them. To the minds of many outside of the old guard DLC Democratic party, this is a highly effective anti-Clinton ad courtesy of the Clinton campaign itself.

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Cod Peace said...

These are the signs of a floundering campaign. They had tons of money and "inevitability" last fall, and with some real competition Clinton's campaign fell on its face after Super Tuesday. That was their only strategy apparently: win big, send everyone else packing. Since ST the Clinton campaign has hardly done anything effective and is falling behind monetarily. Time for a new generation to clean up the Baby Boomer's mess anyway.